Software and Licenses

Our software offer is addressed to the institutions of the University of Mainz. That is, not to employees and students as individuals.

Here is information on where to purchase discounted software:

-  for employees 

-  for students

The Data Center has worked with some leading software vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Corel and SPSS and has signed contracts that can reduce the cost from these softwares in the form of a sub-license for university facilities. Many programs can only be used on campus computers or directly through the Data Center apps. Sometimes the purchase of a license is also required to use the software.

The distribution of software/licenses can be found in the Data Center’s online shop:

A university account is required to use the online shop.

The first time you login, you must register. The Data Center then examines your information and clears or denies your request. This is a mandatory process for the purchasing of software.

Billing is generally completed by a transfer arrangement with the Data Center.

Please note: The software delivery is only available by download from the online store, which is only accessible from the campus network (via VPN or application on a terminal server from outside the university is possible). Disks are shipped only in a few exceptional cases (original packages).

The licenses are usually single-user licenses (unless otherwise stated) and are purchased for a permanent right of use. For software that was rented, it is usually within the rental period, the use of the most current version possible (usually recognizable by additions such as maintenance, Software Assurance, etc.).

Facilities of the University of Medicine must be ordered through the local procurement office (Tel. 17-7123 ) .

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dr. Stefan Röhle or Silvia Wölflein

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Telephone: 39-26303 or 39-26334

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